An Amusing 8-Bit Menorah With Push Button LEDs For Celebrating Chanukah in a Modern Retro Style

Think Geek has put an amusing modern retro spin on the most well know tradition of Chanukah with an 8-bit styled battery powered LED menorah that makes it easy to light each night’s light with the simple push of a button.

t has LED lights inside the EVA foam candles, each of which flickers on with the press of a toggle button on the base. The 2 AAA batteries which power it should provide enough juice for 30-50 minutes of light each night throughout the holiday. With all the craziness of the holidays (did somebody say “8 days of cooking and in-laws?”), we think you should have a menorah that’ll give you a little uplifting smile each night.

8 bit


Push Button

images via Think Geek