An Amazing Drum Chain Featuring 9 Drummers Playing Different Sections of the Same Song

Aric Improta completed an incredible project where he orchestrated a drum chain featuring nine drummers playing different sections of the same song. Here’s the guitar playthrough of the song by Night Verses.

THE OBJECTIVE was for each drummer to compose their own section of a song, the only rules were that they would get 18 bars at 140 bpm and match a similar fill at the end. Once they sent me their compositions, I tried to tie it together and order it in a way that felt cohesive. I then sent the full track to Nick and Reilly, of Night Verses, to compose a song around it. This video is the final result. None of the drummers were aware of what anyone else was playing when they wrote their section. Again, I asked for a piece of a song, *not a drum solo*, as this isn’t intended to be a drum off.