An Amazing Compilation of the Most Popular Songs of the Year in the United States From 1840-2013

Mark Putnam posted a truly fascinating compilation of the most popular songs of the year in the United States between the years of 1840 and 2013. Accompanying the soundtrack is also a brilliant video montage that starkly, painfully and even (at times) humorously represents notable events of each corresponding year.

It’s strange to think that people once jammed out to O! Susanna and The Cat Came Back in the same way that we enjoy The Beatles or Justin Timberlake. But they did….Disclaimers: Some of the content herein is horribly racist, graphic, or otherwise offensive. So is history. Inclusion in this video does not mean endorsement. The greatest hit of any given year is somewhat subjective, especially early on. I based my selections on sales and significance. Finally, where possible, I tried to credit one artist. There’s no way to credit every contributor to a song, so please accept my brevity and apologies.