An Aerial First Person View of Burning Man 2012 Shot From a Radio-Controlled Aircraft

Experimental Airlines flew a hand-constructed radio-controlled aircraft over Black Rock City to film their Black Rock City Aerial Tour, a first person view (FPV) of Burning Man 2012. The aircraft, called the “Ozone”, was piloted using DragonLink UHF control and FatShark Predator video goggles.

FPV is “first person view” flying of a radio controlled aircraft using a video image from the plane transmitted wirelessly to a viewing station on the ground, using video goggles in my case. This allows safe operation of a small, quiet, electric airplane while taking high-definition video while piloting the plane as if one were sitting in the cockpit. I flew at about 50kph (30mph) at an altitude of of 30m (100ft) over the playa and the city to obtain video for this production, then landed safely right on the inner playa. The plane was operated using the DragonLink long-range UHF system which gives highly-secure control for up to 10 miles range.

Black Rock City Aerial Tour

via The Burning Blog

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff