An Adorably Educational Vincent Van Gogh Action Figure That Features a Detachable Left Ear

Today Is Art Day, a Canadian art collective who seeks to find new ways to make art history more fun, is raising funds through Kickstarter to create a wonderfully amusing and educational Vincent Van Gogh action figure that features the artist’s likeness and a detachable left ear. Unlike the cuddly plush version of the artist by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild, the figure is made of PVC and is about 5 inches high. Miniature replications of some of his most famous pieces will also be available. The group hopes that this action figure will be the first of a series.

Hopefully, this figure would be the first in a series of many others featuring art history heroes. In our wildest dreams, these figures would be available in all the major museum shops across the globe!

via Design Taxi

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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