An Eight-Year-Old Refugee Boy Comforts an Injured Stray Dog Who Was Hit by a Car Until Help Arrives

When a truly compassionate eight-year-old boy named Hüseyin el-Hasan came across a stray dog who had been severely injured in a hit and run accident and steadfastly remained by her side after asking someone to call for help, leaving only to grab a blanket from his home in order to keep the shivering dog warm. Hüseyin and his family had recently moved from their war-torn home Syria and came Kilis, Turkey as refugees. Despite the terrible events that occurred in his own young life, this brave little boy did whatever he could to ease the suffering of an animal who needed his help. Unfortunately, the dog did not survive her injuries and was pronounced dead at a veterinarian’s office.

The local government took notice of what Hüseyin did and rewarded him with due recognition. The deputy-mayor Cuma Özdemir also visited the boys home bringing food, clothing and a new blanket to replace the one he that he so willingly gave to the dog.

(translated) We wanted to visit Hussein for his grand gesture, which may seem like a small and simple affair to some people, but he has done a great deal of work for humanity. It touched us that he gave his own blanket to the while experiencing his own heating problem. There is an understanding that our nation will not be a one of oppression. It may be a man, an animal, or a different creature. Hüseyin also showed such inherent compassion, which did not go unnoticed and visited him. While not as meaningful as what he did for the dog, we gave him a blanket.

via AA, Haberturk

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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