Jedi Cosplayer Creates an Amazing Lightsaber Attachment for Her Amputated Arm

For their cosplay outfits at San Diego Comic-Con, actress and Carrie Fisher look alike Angel Giuffria and her best friend Trace Wilson very cleverly created lightsaber attachments to their respective amputated arms for truly battle-ready costumes, she as Jedi and he as Sith.

I’m absolutely loving wearing my lightsaber attachment for my bionic arm – while trying to safely keep my fingers crossed for an audition for @starwars one day. Wouldn’t it be a cool addition to have actual amputees in the film series since there’s so many amputee characters! I’ve been told I look like #CarrieFisher a few times in my life and told I look like #LukeSkywalker a few times too (arms not face I’m assuming?). Here’s me embracing both sides!

Mark Hamill was duly impressed with Giuffria’s look.