Alton Brown Mixes Up His Signature Smoky Tequila Sour to Help Take the Sting Out of Self-Isolation

The fabulously quirky food expert and self-proclaimed Thyme Lord Alton Brown (previously) returned to the empty Good Eats Test Kitchen where he raided the pantry for ingredients to make his signature smoky tequila sour cocktail. This drink, according to Brown, helps to take the sting out of self-isolation and of course, he washed his hands first.

Join me back in the Good Eats Test Kitchen (abandoned…mostly), as I mix up my signature isolation cocktail: the smoky tequila sour.

Alton Brown Smoky Tequila Sour

Several days earlier, Brown raided the pantry to make a batch of popcorn to remind him of the good old days.

Just because we can’t go to the theater doesn’t mean we can’t have popcorn at the movies.