A Sharp-Toothed Letter F Terrorizes Other Letters of the Alphabet in a Darkly Humorous Animation

“Alphabet Lore” by Mike Salcedo is a darkly humorous animated series in which a very sharp-toothed letter “F” terrorizes the remaining letters of the alphabet.

Similar to Thanos from The Avengers, “F” garnered further power by collecting punctuation marks of different colors. The rest of the letters attempted to fight back by spelling out words like “cab”, “map”, “coward”, and “gun”, but in the end, it was meek little “N” who got the final revenge.

Salcedo explains that this began as a “one per day” project that had gone awry.

Here’s A-Z(…) of my Alphabet Series! This started as a simple “try to animate one thing per day” exercise and got wayyy out of hand.

via Miss Cellania