An Alpha Silverback Gorilla Accepts a Robotic ‘Spy’ Baby Gorilla Into To the Family

A fascinating clip from the second season of the BBC One series Spy in the Wild (previously) narrated by David Tennant, a robotic “spy” baby gorilla camps out on the ground near a band of gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda to see what would happen when acceptance was sought.

The curious primates quickly came down from the trees to check out the situation. Before anyone else could get close, however, the alpha silverback male first ensured that his family was safe from the intruder. When the spy averted its gaze upon the patriarch and all was well. It’s only when the youngsters started playing that the spy gorilla encountered a bit of an upset.

A robotic baby gorilla tries to become part of the family, but will he be accepted by the alpha silverback?

Spy Gorilla Gets Knocked Over