An Official Alexa Enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass Singing Fish That Was Inspired by a Clever 2016 Hack

Alexa Big Mouth Billy Bass

Previously we wrote about Brian Kane who cleverly hacked a Big Mouth Billy Bass robotic singing fish with an Amazon Echo so that it answered as Alexa. Kane’s idea was so good that Amazon decided to make an official version of the voice activated singing fish.

Billy lip syncs with Alexa as she responds to inquiries about the weather, your commute, the news, random facts, and so much more. Billy also reacts to Alexa timers, notifications, alarms, and dances to the beat with music. And don’t forget to listen to Billy’s original song “fish in’ time”. Big mouth Billy bass automatically updates with Alexa upgrades so he always has the most current responses and capabilities.

Big Mouth Billy Bass

I Will Survive Billy Big Mouth

Billy Big Mouth Bass Alexa

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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