Al Franken Does a Flawless Imitation of Mick Jagger While Performing ‘Under My Thumb’ in 1982

Al Franken Mick Jagger

In 1982, the Saturday Night Live comedy duo of Al Franken and Tom Davis did a live show at a small university where they performed a number of hilarious sketches. One such sketch featured Franken doing a flawless imitation of Mick Jagger while performing the Rolling Stones song, “Under My Thumb“.

The show, appropriately entitled Franken and Davis at Stockton State, was made into a subsequent film in 194.

Some highlights include a representative from the “Whiskey Distilleries of America” tutoring students on what to do if you’re drunk and you absolutely have to drive, interviews with a laid off heterosexual auto worker turned male prostitute for homosexuals, A test to see if audience members may be too stoned to be among people, their Rolling Stones parody, their PTL club satire and more;

34 years later in June, 2017, Senator Al Franken spoke with Rolling Stone about a number of things including his book “Giant of the Senate” and his stint fronting the Rolling Stones.

via Open Culture