A Villager From ‘Age of Empires II’ Takes a Photo of Himself Every Year in the Same Spot for 100 Years

Gamer Among the Hidden, who enjoys creating foolish, random, short films featuring the video game Age of Empires II, made one such film about a villager from the game who takes a photo of himself in the same spot every year for his entire life, much in the way that photographer Noah Kalina is doing with his “Photo a Day” project.

The pictures portray, over the course of 100 years from 1270 to 1370, the ever-changing landscape of where the video villager made his home. This includes the building and rebuilding of the village, the floods that took it down, the snows that enveloped the village, the droughts that parched the land, and the ongoing wars that threatened the village until it was no more. After a very challenging life, the more than 100 year old villager laid down and died where he had stood for so many years.

Villager Takes a Photo of Himself Once a Year For 100 Years

Villager Takes Picture of Himself In the Same Place for 100 Years

via Nag on the Lake

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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