Adventurous Nature Host Lets a Leaf Mantis Dig Its Spiky Forelegs Into His Hand for a Better Look

In a new episode of Breaking Trail, animal expert Coyote Peterson graciously accommodated the popular fan request to feature a praying mantis on his show. While in Costa Rica, Peterson not only encountered a friendly ocelot kitten, but also found a leaf mantis. Just like his porcupine experience, Peterson allowed the mantis to dig its spiky forelegs deep into his hand so that he could get a good look at the its incredible complexity and ingenious camouflaging ability.

There are over 2400 species of Mantis in the world but the Leaf Mantis is truly unique with its nearly flawless leaf-like camouflage. Also known as the Hooded Mantis, these insects mimic the rainforest leaves all the way down to their finer details, such as the asymmetrical yellow decay marks on their backs, and since the Coyote Pack has been asking for a Mantis episode for a while now we’re extremely happy to deliver such an impressive example of this curious little creature!