An Unusually Friendly Ocelot Kitten Comes Out to Play With a Surprised Nature Series Host

In a lighthearted episode of Brave Wilderness, host Coyote Peterson went out at night into the Costa Rican rainforest to search for snakes and other creepy-crawlies, but instead encountered an unusually playful ocelot kitten who wanted nothing other than to hang out with the happily surprised host.

In what is sure to be one of our most unlikely and unbelievable animal encounters ever THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED! Luckily for Coyote and the crew this juvenile jungle cat was more interested in playfully romping around rather than attacking with a full out aggressive strike! Ocelot’s have a wide range stretching from Argentina to Texas and while they have fairly healthy populations in the topics they are extremely elusive and rarely seen by humans. There has never been another video like this and we feel so extremely fortunate to have had this incredible experience…it’s one we’ll certainly never forget.