Amusing Merit Badges for Successful Adulting

Adulting Merit Badge Responsibilities

Winks for Days, an online brand that specializes in clever and quirky items, has come out with an amusing line of “Adulting Merit Badges”. These embroidered iron-on badges come in sets that heartily congratulate the successful adult for accomplishing such tasks as making coffee, calling mom, putting on pants, using coupons, paying cash and drinking water. There’s even one for going outside. Because if we don’t reward ourselves, who will?

Adulting is hard. Someone should make iron-on merit badge patches to celebrate everyday adulting achievements. Oh, wait. We did!

These self-congratulatory badges are available for purchase through Winks for Days and Amazon.

Adulting Merit Badge Achievements

Adulting Merit Badge Responsibilities

dulting Merit Badge Achievements

Adulting Merit Badge Health

Adulting Merit Badge Behavior

Adulting Merit Badges Health

Adulting Merit Badges Achievements

Adulting Merit Badge Health

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