Adoring Husband Sings Love Song to His Wife of 73 Years As She Lays in Her Hospice Bed

In a simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking scene an adoring husband stood at his wife’s bed and lovingly sang to her the Rosemary Clooney song “You’ll Never Know“, a love song that they sang to one another throughout their 73-year marriage, while gently stroking her face. Erin Solari, the couple’s granddaughter, caught this beautiful act of true love and devotion and generously shared it with the world.

My grandparents Laura and Howard have been married 73 years. In this video Howard is 92 and Laura is 93. Laura (Grandma) is at a hospice facility making peace with her final days. I was lucky enough to capture this precious, heart-melting moment between the two of them. Howard (Grandpa) is singing to her their love song, the song that comforted her when he went away to fight in World War II. At family gatherings, it was not uncommon for the two of them to sing this song together, each taking a verse and serenading the other. In fact, after fifty years of marriage, they renewed their vows and performed this song as a duet for the entire family at the reception. Sadly, Grandma is now too weak to sing, but that doesn’t stop her from saying the words to him (see at 1:00). Howard then takes over for her and sings the rest of the song to her while stroking her face.

via Huffington Post

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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