Adorable Cat Themed Motorcycle Helmets With Ears

Black Cat

For those of us who love cats and motorcycles with equal measure, Russian motorcycle helmet company Nitronos Motostudio has created the Neko-helmet, a uniquely adorable cat-themed helmet with ears affixed at the top. The helmets are made in-house and can be customized to the customers desires. The company offers different choices including a single color helmet, a sleek look with modern colors, a cotton-candy colored topper for those who like the color pink, a helmet to match one’s riding gear and a really neat helmet that memorializes a favorite feline with aerography. The ears are purely decorative and do not affect either the function or the safety of the helmet.

We took a modern and convenient IXS-1000 as a basis of this helmet. Each helmet is equipped with a single light protective visor and integral folding sun-visor. The helmet has a removable lining of 100% polyester as well as the double ventilation.Fiberglass ears are firmly fixed to the body of the helmet, but in case of an accident, they are destroyed without any danger. The ears are performed of through type. Thus, up to a speed of 100 km/h, the ears do not generate additional resistance.


Glow Cats

Smiling Cat

Red Cat

images via Nitrinos Motostudio

via Cupo, Rocket News 24

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