Adam Savage Builds a Custom Carry On Travel Guitar Case Out of Sailcloth for Monty Python’s Eric Idle

While perusing Twitter one day, Adam Savage saw a post by the legendary Eric Idle of Monty Python fame, who was requesting assistance in adapting the case for his beautiful Danny Ferrington travel guitar into one he could carry onto a plane.

Savage immediately raised his virtual hand and flew to Los Angeles to get the guitar case to adapt, but upon returning to San Francisco, Savage decided to build an entirely new case out of leftover sailcloth and fur he bought for his Totoro costume but never used. When the Totoro fur didn’t work, Savage grabbed some green felt from his old pool table. After getting a bit of assistance with adding a zipper, Savage built a pocket on the outside and finish up making the custom made guitar case.

I know we live in a complicated time where social media has not necessarily turned out to be the unalloyed boon to mankind that it once promised but there are still a lot of reasons to love Twitter most of all. For me because of the friendships that I have made by being on Twitter. A couple of weeks ago Eric Idle of Spamalot and Monty Python Fame tweeted out to the world that he had a guitar case that was not fulfilling his needs for this very precious guitar to him and was there a maker he asked that could help him solve this problem … And so that is what we are doing in the cave today. We are solving Eric Idle’s problem by building him a guitar case.

Mr. Idle was quite pleased with his custom case and put it to use immediately.

Eric Idle Adam Savage Custom Guitar Case