A Vibrant Donut Selfie Dance Video Set to the Taylor Swift Song ‘Shake It Off’ by Donut Selfie Creator Karen X. Cheng

Karen Cheng, the creator of the “Donut Selfie” filmed a vibrant dance video set to the Taylor Swift song “Shake It Off” (previously) using the technique. The video features Cheng dancing in various styles in a number of locations while being filmed in the Donut Selfie style.

A Donut Selfie is an interesting camera technique where a person films themselves by starting a camera at one side of their head and moving it in a circular donut motion around to the other side of their head. Cheng introduced the technique and created a series of instructional videos for producing Donut Selfies in October, 2014.

Since its creation, the technique was adopted by Beats Electronics for a commercial for their Beats Solo 2 headphones. The commercial features Cheng and a number of celebrities taking Donut Selfies (rebranded #SoloSeflies for the campaign) while wearing the headphones.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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