A Very Meta Tribute to Vsauce, CGP Grey and Vlogbrothers Defining Parody in Each of Their Styles

In 2014, vlogger Matt Mignogna aka Conjecture created a very meta tribute parody to his favorite educational creators such as VSauce, CGP Grey and the vlogbrothers. Throughout the video, Mignogna very cleverly defined the concept of parody using each of the vlogger’s unique and distinctive styles.

These are my favorite educational creators, so I made a parody of them talking about…parody. Kind of meta :) Vsauce was hard to write, but after the script it was no problem. CGP Grey’s tone and style were so difficult to capture, and it took me such a long time to edit. The vlogbrothers part was easy, because their style comes naturally to me (they were my biggest inspiration to begin vlogging). Hope you all enjoy.