A Unique Record Label That Uses Animal Psychics to Interpret What Animals Say Into Lyrics for Songs

The Laurel Canyon Animal Company (LCAC) is an incredibly unique record label that records music by animals for animals. Founded by musicians Skip Haynes and Dana Walden, LCAC is the only label in the world that uses the skills of animal psychics and communicators to interpret what the animal is saying, puts those words to music and the professionally records a song.

Located in Los Angeles, California we are animal lovers dedicated to building a bridge between humans and animals through music. We create music exclusively about, for and with animals — dogs in particular. We are probably the only record label in the world that uses intuitive animal communicators to act as translators for the animals whenever we can involve them directly in the musical process. Each CD produced by the Laurel Canyon Animal Company is devoted to a particular kind of animal or species. Each track is devoted to a particular concern, situation or shared experience of the people who love those animals or the animals themselves.

Vice recently spoke with Haynes and Walden.