A Train That Derailed 106 Years Ago Finally Found at the Bottom of Lake Superior

Canadian Pacific Railway Locomotive 694 tragically derailed near Mink Harbor, Ontario in 1910, and 106 years later it has finally been found by underwater recovery experts on the bottom of Lake Superior. Video taken by the team of experts using a remote underwater vehicle showed the train as it is now after being submerged for more than a century.

The D10 steam locomotive, CPR 694 met her tragic demise in June 1910. Over 100 years later, the unfortunate locomotive was located between Coldwell and Marathon near the Mink Tunnel. This was our first effort to capture some video of the locomotive. Thanks to the Tom Crossman for his ROV and side scan work. Thanks to Paul and Beverly Turpin and Discovery Charters for their continued support. Enjoy and Safe Diving,

via CBC News