A Thoughtful Service That Incorporates a Loved One’s Ashes Into Custom Ceramic Memorial Objects

Cremation Designs is a new company that offers the very thoughtful service of incorporating the ashes of a loved one into custom ceramic, memorial objects such as a candle luminary, a ceramic coffee mug, bottles, jewelry and even a traditional cremation urn to hold the remaining ashes. Each of the objects are finished with a special glaze, also made from ashes. The concept is to bring the physical memory of the person into the survivors’ daily lives.

Our designs help keep your memories close. Rather than observing a symbol of a person, like a cremation urn or a photograph, Chronicle’s designs allow you to engage on a sensory level with your memories. A flickering candle luminary made with the ashes of a loved one is a comforting reminder of presence, a ceramic mug brings company to your morning coffee, and cremation jewelry allows you to carry a subtle reminder of your loved one everywhere you go.


candle luminary


images via Cremation Designs