A Talented Texas Longhorn Cow Performs Tricks Upon Request From Her Human

A sweet and talented Texas Longhorn cow named Premier Gallorette performed a variety of tricks at the request of her human at Premier Longhorns in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Gallorette isn’t the only cow who can perform tricks at the ranch, as Premier prides itself upon training and treating the animals with dignity and care.

Because we always handle all our calves with loving-kindness, they are trusting and gentle. …Hence, we treat our Texas Longhorns with the same understanding you would give a horse. Yes, it’s unconventional. But, you will find Texas Longhorns raised by us from a calf make very trustworthy mounts. They are not flighty and love human contact. They are educated to have excellent manners, self confidence & courage to take their place in society as lead steers & well behaved companion animals. When faced with new challenges, they don’t re-act, they respond! For anyone who has worked with horses, they will be pleasantly surprised to see how calm, easy going and affectionate Longhorns really can be. Plus, they are very smart. Calves that are handled as individuals & with kindness, are very responsive & form deep emotional attachments toward the people who care for them.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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