A Sweet Little Hedgehog Who Bares His Fierce Pointy Fangs Like a Vampire

Sir Hodge Huffington the Cricket Slayer aka Huff is a sweet little hedgehog in Utah, who sports a couple of fierce looking vampiric fangs that protrude from the front of his adorable little mouth. Huff’s human Carolyn Parker told BuzzFeed that she rescued Huff, as his original caretakers no longer wanted him and returned to Quill Berry Hedgehogs in Fruit Heights, Utah. Parker, however, fell in love with Huff, took him home and quickly realized his adorability quotient.

Living in Utah (where days in winter are short and cold), seasonal depression is something a lot of people deal with – including myself. I started the Instagram account to share something that made me happy with other people. My Facebook friends and family seemed to enjoy the pictures I was sharing on there, and a few people mentioned I should share the pictures with a bigger audience, so I did.I had no idea it would get as much attention as it has and I’m very thankful and excited.

via BuzzFeed