A Seamless Montage That Combines the Film Fargo With Both Seasons of the Television Series

Filmmaker Arnau Orengo has put together a rather seamless montage combining scenes from the 1996 film Fargo with scenes from both seasons of the sublime series of the same name. It was Orengo’s intent to show how the stories and the style in which they are shot are similar in nature, deriving from the same origin.

Although telling a new story with different characters in each season, the title is not the only thing in common between the 1996 movie and the series: the snowy Minnesota location, a lot of blood, dark humor, some characters (and even their surnames), some events and even one that sets the series in the same universe as the film. In this video I wanted to connect some of the events, characters and scenes of the movie and both seasons, to see how similar they are.

Despite the similarities, earlier this week, the Coen brothers spoke with Radio Times about the series, for which both serve as executive producers.

We’re just not very interested. …I mean, we’re perfectly happy with it. We have no problem with it. It just feels divorced from our film somehow. …Here’s the thing …We work short. Our longest movie is two hours two minutes. It’s just not how we think about stories. I mean, after two hours with a character we feel we’re pretty much done with them.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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