A Scantily Clad Animatronic Woman That Dances While Covered in Dirt Marks and Wearing a Witch Mask

Artist David Zwirner and Spectral Motion, a makeup and creature effects studio, have created a surreal animatronic sculpture of a woman that dances while covered in dirt marks and wearing a witch mask. The sculpture is being presented for the first time at the David Zwirner contemporary art gallery in New York City and will be on display through April 19th, 2014.

Wolfson’s animatronic sculpture combines film, installation, and performance in the figure of a curvaceous, scantily clad woman covered in dirt marks and wearing a witch mask. Unlike the artist’s two-dimensional subjects, this life-size character was developed in close collaboration with a special effects studio in California used by major Hollywood productions. The woman can be encountered on a one-on-one basis in a mirrored room in the gallery, creating a different kind of viewing experience that intensifies the importance of the gaze found throughout Wolfson’s work.

via MetaFilter