A Kayaker Rides Down Sand Dunes in Namibia

In a video for Red Bull, kayaker Eric Walter rode his kayak down the sand dunes in Namibia. Walter was joined by two paragliders as he slid down the sand to the coast.

Eric Walter is a highly experienced kayaker used to dropping some of the biggest waterfalls in the world, always on the hunt for big rivers full of rapids…. water, water, always water. So when we were searching for the most surprising place to send him, the towering sand dunes of Namibia seemed like a fit. Armed with just his paddle and his boat and a few paragliding buddies, Walter hit the dunes at full speed for an all-time (and pretty rare) kayak session in the middle of the desert. #claimfreedom

Kayak Down the Dunes

Kayak at top of Dunes

Kayak and Paragliders

Kayak and Paddle

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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