A Hilarious Compilation of the Silly Antics Performed by Stella the Hind Leg Dragging Dog

Over the past few years, we’ve written about Stella, the hilarious hind-leg dragging, ball-chasing, leaf pile-leaping, snow-sliding and doorstop-springing yellow lab. Because Stella is such a character, Stella’s human put together “The Ultimate Stella (So Far)” a really wonderful compilation showcasing the some of the funniest of her dog’s silly antics in one sitting.

And now, for the moment a couple people might have been waiting for. Behold – THE ULTIMATE STELLA (SO FAR). It can’t be called the “Best of Stella” because there is simply too much Stella craziness to fit into two minutes, so consider this SOME of the best of. Stella seems to have an interesting way of doing… everything.