A Giant Redesigned Wall Map Featuring Over 1,400 Breweries Across the United States by Pop Chart Lab

Breweries of the United States 2

Pop Chart Lab has created “Breweries of the United States 2.0,” a giant redesigned wall map that features “over 1,400 US breweries from craft to macro and everything in between.” 39″ x 27″ signed and numbered prints are available to purchase online.

This 39” x 27” PCL classic has been redone from the ground up, with twice as many breweries as its progenitor and featuring an all new design celebrating the great brewers of the United States. From Sierra Nevada to Deschutes to our pals at Brooklyn Brewery, this magnificent map of malt and hops clocks in at over seven square feet.

Breweries of the United States 2

images via Pop Chart Lab

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips