A Fleet of Freighter Trucks Turned Turned Into Mobile Art That Travels Around Spain

artwork by Okuda San Miguel

The Truck Art Project features a fleet of 100 freighter trucks that act as a canvas for contemporary artists to transform and then go on their usual trade routes throughout Spain. A few of the trucks will also be used as mobile gallery where pieces of artwork will be exhibited inside of the trailer for “people in places who do not usually get this kind of cultural offering.” Artists Okuda San Miguel, SUSO33, Marina Vargas, Javier Calleja, and Abraham Lacalle will be a few of the artists participating in the Truck Art Project.

artwork by SUSO33

Marina Vargas
artwork by Marina Vargas

Javier Calleja
artwork by Javier Calleja

Javier Arce
artwork by Javier Arce

Abraham Lacalle
artwork by Abraham Lacalle

photos via Truck Art Project

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