A Fascinating Video Experiment Showing How Cut Fruit Reacts Under UV Blacklight

As part of his weekly experimental series, French filmmaker Mathieu Stern, whose amazing work we’ve previously posted and UV photographer Pierre-Louis Ferrer, filmed an array of cut fruit (yes, tomatoes are fruit) under UV blacklight in order to capture how the soft inner flesh would react to different wavelengths of invisible light. While the results of each fruit varied, it was the pineapple that reacted most visibly, lighting up into a beautiful shade of purple.

Photographer Mathieu Stern chops up some fruit under a UV blacklight. It’s an interesting look at how different surfaces react to different wavelengths of invisible light. …For this UV video, the subject is illuminated directly by UV emitting lamps . UV filter is placed on the lens, which allows ultraviolet light to pass and which absorbs or blocks all visible and infrared light. UV filters are made from special colored glass and may be coated or sandwiched with other filter glass to aid in blocking unwanted wavelengths.