A Fascinating Look at Some of the Medical and Scientific Devices of the Past

Science Friday takes a fascinating look at a large collection of medical and scientific devices of the past curated by Steve Erenberg. The collection includes early and bizarre devices that have fallen out of use over the years. In the video, Erenberg discusses what makes the objects in his collection beautiful.

For more than 30 years, Steve Erenberg has collected early scientific and medical objects and instruments. Packed with shelves and displays brimming with Victorian medical masks, surreal anatomical models, and futuristic test prostheses, Erenberg’s store/museum in Peekskill, New York offers a whirlwind tour of long-forgotten devices. While some items were shams devised by quacks, others represent the best possible treatment for their time. Regardless of its actual function, each item in Erenberg’s collection has a unique aesthetic value.