A Farewell Message From E.D.W. Lynch, Tentacle Emeritus

E.D.W. Lynch
“Someday, little friend, I will tell you about the very first Kickstarter.”

Dear Laughing Squid readers and cephalopods:

This is my 7,240th post as Senior Contributing Writer for this esteemed web publication. It is also, I am sad to say, my last. I am leaving the mollusk media to embark on new projects and adventures.

I’d like to thank Scott Beale for bringing me on board four years ago. I’d also like to release a murky cloud of ink in honor of my co-mollusks on the Laughing Squid team. And I’d like to thank you, Laughing Squid reader, for the kind messages and comments over the years.

Through the miracle of the Internet you can keep tabs on my doings and whereabouts:

  • E.D.W. Lynch unofficial website
  • E.D.W. Lynch unauthorized Facebook page
  • E.D.W. Lynch unverified Twitter account
  • Bon voyage,

    –E.D.W. Lynch

    photo by Ivan Brown