A Curious Alaskan Moose Plays a Jaunty Little Tune With Her Nose on a Neighbor’s Wind Chimes

During the evening of May 5, 2016, Healy, Alaska resident Britta Schroeder captured amusing footage of a curious moose playing a jaunty little tune with her nose on Schroeder’s wind chimes. The alcine visitor seemed to enjoy the music quite a bit and even knocked around the chimes a few more times before she went on her merry way.

Healy, Alaska – As I lay in bed this evening, I could hear my wind chime blowing up, but when I looked out the window, not even a blade of grass budged. I should clarify that the blender and the red bucket in the video are part of a paper-making project and have no food, nor have ever had food, in either. The chest freezer is also locked.

via Nothing To Do With Arbroath