A Creatively Cryptic Teaser by IKEA Announcing Their Collaborative Collection With HAY Design

In advance of their new line for 2017, IKEA is running a series of surreal teasers announcing their new collaborative “YPPERLIG” Collection with Danish furniture company HAY. The first teaser is as cleverly cryptic as it is surreal as it follows the path of a glass ball through an empty, high-ceilinged apartment that is full of odd surprises. The video itself was a collaboration between three different agencies, Kühl & Solvstrom, Nikextension and Barkas. In an interview with It’s Nice That, designer and animator Morten Kühl Christensen said that they had to get creative without showing any of the line.

The main dogma was that we couldn’t show any products…so we decided to produce the entire film with the use of 3D animation and photorealist rendering techniques. It had to be surreal and mysterious and leave the viewer with a feeling of “what did I just watch?

via It’s Nice That, swissmiss

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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