A Compassionate Man Pulls Up Sidewalk Bricks to Rescue a Pregnant Dog Who Was Buried Alive

In 2015, a compassionate man in Voronezh, Russia heard very clearly the cries of a dog coming from underneath his feet. Several days earlier, a large hole in the sidewalk had been repaired by workers who did not realize that the dog was still there. Upon hearing the cries, the man and his family sought help from the local housing office, but to no avail. Luckily, cement wasn’t used in the repair, so he was able to take out the sidewalk bricks one-by-one and dig into the dirt until he reached the entombed pregnant dog. The family spoke with Moe Online about the rescue.

(Translated) Realizing that no one will help us, we decided to try to save the dog. Vadin began removing the tiles, and then used hands to dig out the sand, – says Alexander. – We were lucky – the workers didn’t use concrete. Vadim dug with his hands for a long time. He came across a large boulder pushed it, and there was a gap. Our joy, I can’t tell you how happy we were to see the dog’s muzzle at the opening!