A Colorful Visualization of the Flavors and Notes Found In Bourbon, Gin and Other Popular Spirits


VinePair, a reliable online resource for information about beer, alcohol and spirits, has put together colorful photographic visualizations of the flavors and notes that can be found in such spirits as bourbon, gin, scotch, tequila and vodka.

Like beer, spirits have a wide range of tastes and aromas. Lots of things contribute to the flavor profile of a liquor: its ingredients, how it’s aged and what it’s aged in, how many rounds of distillation it’s gone through, where it’s made, plus certain x factors we can’t quite put our finger on. Even considering all this, spirit categories generally share traits in common. While tastes and smells vary between each individual spirit (even within a brand!), in general, this is what you’ll sniff out and taste while drinking popular spirits.

Blended Scotch




While we have no problem with vodka, we have to admit, there isn’t a whole lot of smell in this clear spirit. The tastes found in vodka are usually very subtle, so we’ll leave those to the tongue of the beholder.

images via VinePair

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips