A Brave Survivor of a Cell Phone Caused Crash Shares Her Story With Teens Who Text and Drive

In “No Good Reason“, a really powerful PSA sponsored by AT&T, the teenage cast of the online series “Summer Break” individually admitted to the camera that they use their cell phones while driving. Even though each of them knew it to be wrong, none of them had any plans to stop doing this, until they met Jacy Good, a brave survivor of a traffic crash caused by a distracted teen who was texting and driving. The accident took the lives of her parents and left her partially paralyzed. Good, a safe driving advocate and the founder of Hang Up and Drive, shared her story with each of the teens, who responded emotionally and promised her that they will never text and drive again, because no matter what kind of alert comes up, there’s no reason to respond while behind the wheel, particularly since it can wait.

No post, selfie, text, or photo is worth the life of yourself or others. Distracted driving is wrong and YOU can make our streets safer – don’t text and drive. #ITCANWAIT Join the It Can Wait community by taking the pledge to keep your eyes on the road, not your phone.

Text Drive Never

Make 'em Wait

images via Summer Break