A Beautifully Eerie View of Las Vegas, Nevada as Seen Through a Slow Motion Infrared Lens

In “Las Vegas In Infrared“, talented filmmaker Phillip Bloom employed a modified Sony RX100 IV to capture the sights and sounds of Las Vegas, Nevada in slow motion and through an infrared lens. The effect is beautiful, eerie, modern and anachronistic all at the same time, without even trying.

I picked up the camera in Las Vegas a week before the NAB show, as I was over there for work. That is why I made a video called “Las Vegas in Infrared”! There was no plan, I had just got the camera, and with any new toy you get excited and use it a lot. Whilst shooting it, though, I realised just how well it worked there with the palm trees and lawns and deep blue skies. The results, especially in slow motion, made Vegas look somewhat sinister and with a post-apocalyptic vibe. Perfect!

via Doc Pop