A Baby Black Rhino Goes for His Very First Roll in the Mud on a Hot Summer’s Day

Baby Rhino Mud Roll

An adorable little baby black rhinoceros named Kendi enjoyed his very first roll in the mud at the Cincinnati Zoo. After after his cooling mud session, Kendi did his very best to catch up with his doting mom Seiya .

Kendi got his first taste of a mud wallow today after all the rain from yesterday. He certainly seems to be a fan. Wallowing in mud is a favorite pastime for rhinos. The more caked they are, the happier they appear.It is imperative that calves mud-wallow because the mud protects their skin from the sun, cools them off, and wards off parasites.

It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago, Kendi went outside for the first time, just a month after he was born.

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