5th Grade Football Team Rallys Around Their 1st Grade Waterboy Who Was Being Bullied

In this report by WCVB 5 Boston, a 5th grade football team in Bridgewater, MA, the Bridgewater Badgers, came to the support of their waterboy Danny, a 1st grader who was being teased for his fondness for wearing a tie and jacket every day. To take a stand against the teasing, the entire team came to school dressed like Danny making it clear that the bullying was not acceptable.

We didn’t want him to keep getting picked on, so if maybe if we wore our suits, they would stop picking on him”

Well played Badgers, well played.

Bridgewater Badgers

image via WCVB 5 Boston

via WCVB 5 Boston, Yahoo News

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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