Creative Stereoscopic Street Art by INSANE 51 That Requires a Pair of 3D Glasses to See the Whole Picture

Greek street artist INSANE 51 creatives absolutely fascinating stereoscopic street art that requires a pair of 3D viewing glasses in order to see the entire message that’s being conveyed. The artist recreates the same image from slightly different perspectives and in different colors, which appears 3D when coordinating color lens are used to view the image. This process is known as anaglyphic 3D.

Insane51 is a 26 year old Greek muralist, based in Athens, and is one of the pioneers of large scale 3D murals. He started in 2007 as a graffiti writer, and since then he has never stopped doing what he wants…He is known for his street art in 3D, an art which is called “Double Exposure 3D”. Indeed, depending on the colour of the light it will be one figure or another.

Several of INSANE 51’s pieces can be purchased through the 1xRun site.