38 Affectionate People In a Shared San Francisco Mansion Are Searching for Their Next Roommate

The Chateau Ubuntu is a 10-bedroom mansion at 860 Fell Street in San Francisco, California that hosts 38 very affectionate roommates, 27 chandeliers, 192 eggs eaten per week and at least 1,330 hugs in that same amount of time. Because the home holds such a high number of individuals living together, the house has Community PACTS and Gratitude guide that all residents must agree to, particularly since they are currently looking for a new roommate. In order to qualify for the next spot, prospective candidates must fill out a 35-page application form and be really good at hugging.

We’re a community of folks from all walks of life, who believe in a lifestyle grounded in sharing and common values. We host food and music gatherings, explore the vast and beautiful terrain of the Bay Area and beyond, and work together on all sorts of community projects. And we do it all from a French Victorian Mansion in the heart of San Francisco. …The Community PACTS + Gratitude guide and inform our vision, mission, and grandest dreams. These are the foundations upon which our community is built and you are invited to build them with us. These values are baked into the core of our community, built-in from the beginning, and perpetually assessed and reinforced. As such, they give structure and standards to which we hold ourselves, individually and collectively, accountable.

via SFGate, Aaron Muszalski