Gorgeous 360° Slow Motion Footage of Colorful Object Interactions Shot by a Spinning High-Speed Camera

Ben Ouaniche of Macro Room captured the kinetic motion of small objects interacting with colorful liquids and powders in gorgeous spinning 360° slow-motion footage. Ouaniche had spent a number of years thinking about this project, which became real with the loaned use of an fps4000 high-speed camera by the Slow Motion Camera Company and a custom high-speed spinning rig, which constantly changed the camera’ point-of-view. Executing this painstakingly detailed project took about 3.5 months with a bit of simultaneous learning.

It was very challenging but also very fun and exciting project to create, it was my first time using high-speed camera technology so there was a steep learning curve to be taken alongside of discovering and finding the most interesting and creative subjects to film.