21st Annual Post Yule Pyre: Photos and Videos

photo by Seth Rosenblatt

The Post Yule Pyre is an annual tradition put on by the Friends of the Rootless Forest. After logging the sidewalks of San Francisco for the crop of evergreens that regularly appear this time of year, people gathered on Ocean Beach to give these trees the proper send off on Sunday.

The enormous bonfire roared as it quickly consumed several dozen Christmas trees. Not surprisingly it wasn’t long before the police showed up to shut things down. A few smaller fires were started as people dispersed and it appeared that at least one person was taken into custody, perhaps as a result of the smaller fires.

photo by Max Elman

photo by Jamison Wieser

War on Fun
photo by Ed Hunsinger

Several people have posted photos and videos from the event:

My photos and videos

Post Yule Pyre Pool on Flickr

Heather Lynch

Seth Rosenblatt

Barry Lefsky

Jamison Wieser

Ed Hunsinger
Ed Hunsinger