Blue Bomb Bursts Into Light Feathers While Butterflies Float Upon a Canal at 2019 Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival 2019

For the 2019 Amsterdam Light Festival (previously), which takes place from November 28, 2019 to January 19, 2020, artists from all over the world took their understanding of the term “disrupt” (the year’s theme) and translated it into absolutely beautiful, statement-making pieces that sit upon and around the famous canals of the city.

One particularly standout piece entitled “Big Bang” by the UxU Studio, which features a giant blue bomb that explodes in feathers of light. This piece is highly symbolic according to the artists.

The Taiwanese UxU Studio designed a gigantic blue-lit bomb for Amsterdam Light Festival – floating just above the ground, just before it hits the ground and explodes. However, visitors do not have to worry: if they take a closer look, they will see that the bomb consists of small illuminated feathers. …The artists: ‘This year’s theme – DISRUPT! – inspired us to disrupt the senses of visitors with a dangerous but tender work of art. With this work, we want to draw attention to current events such as wars and terrorist attacks, as well as conveying human care.’

A counterpoint to “Big Bang” is the tranquil series of illuminated butterflies that float lightly upon the water in “The Butterfly Effect” by Masamichi Shimada who indicates not all is as it seems.

Seven gigantic butterflies have landed on the surface of the canal. The butterflies not only rise and fall with the movement of the water caused by passing boats, but their wings glow blue against the dark night. At first sight, the artwork seems to portray a peaceful, almost magical scene. But with his artwork Butterfly Effect, Masamichi Shimada attempts to portray how something as delicate as a butterfly can possess such immense power.

Here are other beautiful pieces from the Festival.

via My Modern Met