The 1990s Translucent Technology Craze Explained

Cheddar video producer Laura Chiarella looks at the translucent technology craze of the 1990s and explains how it originated, how it took hold, and why it became so popular during that specific time.

We were on the cusp of the new millennium and you think of Y2K. …And it wasn’t just a singular thing it seems like it all happened at once. There were clear phones and clear answering machines clear video game consoles.

1990s Transparent Technology

Chiarella also explained why this trend seems to be coming back.

The trend cycle is coming back around 90s nostalgia is sort of kicking in and if you kind of look at history over the past hundred years look through the decades there tends to be this 30-year sliding scale when it comes to people being nostalgic about things

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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