1990s Retro Pop Culture Fashion from Designer Jeremy Scott

The Fall 2012 collection from American fashion designer Jeremy Scott is based in 1990s pop culture references. Many of his designs feature images from The Simpsons and others incorporate rainbows, unicorns, and emoticons. The entire collection can be viewed at fashion news site, Fashionista.

The Los Angeles Times blog, All the Rage, wrote this about the runway show featuring this collection:

A candy-colored grab bag of emoticons, rainbow-hued computer keyboard patterns, iridescent skirts and intarsia knits depicting Bart Simpson was accompanied by a soundtrack that included video-game sound effects, Japanese-language covers of Madonna songs and the once familiar AOL “You’ve got mail” alert.

Other computer references — including a see-through rain poncho with an allover print of a gloved-hand cursor and tracksuits and dresses in an allover print consisting of ’90s-era Mac screenshots (some bearing the slogan “Real Life Sucks”) made it seem like what Scott was really nostalgic for was the dial-up decade — that sweet spot when technology was still a delicious new frontier and society had yet to be sucked, en masse, down the virtual rabbit hole.

photos by IMAXtree

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff